From iPhone 14 Pro to Google Pixel 8

What I bought

Why I switched

I used to be a Pixel user and enjoyed using it. I decided to give iPhone a try given the popularity. Also given that I am a happy user of a Mackbook I was expecting better integration between the two. But I felt that was missing. Also I was missing the fun AI features that Pixel has been adding over the years (Screen Call, Hold for Me, Magic Eraser, etc) and I decided to switch back to Pixel.

First Impressions

This phone has a beautiful body. Love the new stlye of the camera bump. Unfortunately, the phone gets hot easily. Typing feels more natural with the placements of the special characters on the keyboard. The Face Unlock feature doesn’t work well in low light. It’s lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro. Search is integrated in the OS, and its much easier to find things in Settings, thanks to Google search.

Data Transfer / Migration Experience

I liked that all my SMSs transfered over using the Andorid Data Transfer tool. My photos were backed up in Google Drive so that was covered. WhatsApp meesaged transfered over easily as well. Most apps started downloading once I finished the data transfer. I would have liked if all my Google accounts would have come over but I can see it’s more secrure to not have that happen.

What I miss from iPhone

The iPhone is a beautiful piece of hardware! It realy feels more solid in the hand. Apple are masters in hardware design. The iPhone is more responsive and speedier. Face ID works in low light situations thats to the soli sensor.

Google Pixel 8 Unboxing Video

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