C2 Log


C2 Log is a tool targeted at independent pharmacies to help them manage their controlled substances inventory and reporting.


With this project I experimented with a new approach to validate the idea. While I got this idea from my friend Sumit Desai (PharmD), I wanted to really understand the marketing and distribution before writing any code. I created a landing page and promoted the site on some relavant Reddit threads. I got a few signups and a few emails from people interested in the product. I am learning tactics using Bram Kanstein’s blog articles.

Tech Stack

The marketing site is built using a free Jekyll theme and hosted for free on Netlify. The domain is registered with Google Domains. The email list is managed by Mailchimp.


I am still in the market validation phase of this project. So far, I have built the landing page and hired a UI designer on Fiverr to make a Figma prototype that I can show potential customers. I am currently reaching out to interested parties to gain a better understanding of the market and the problem.

Next Project