Basement Drop Ceiling Tile Replacement

How-To Video

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Additional tips / learnings

  1. Start by making your plan, you can either start from the perimeter of the room or the center of the room. Usually the perimeter of the room will have cut ceiling tiles while the center of the room will have full tiles (e.g. 2x4 or 2x2). Obviously replacing the full tiles will be easier because there is no cutting involved.
  2. When you take out tiles from the perimeter, don’t take them out all at once. You will need to cut matching tiles so it might be easier to work few at a time.
  3. If you are concerned about dust, wear a mask, safety googles and optionally even a shower cap to keep your hair clean. There is going to be a lot of dust accumulated above the existing ceiling tiles and you are going to get a dust shower as you remove the existing tiles.
  4. Depending how tall you are, you will find good use of a stepping stool or ladder to help with reaching the tiles comfortably 5.

Removing a ceiling tile