Nimdone is a tool targeted at medical educators to speed up creating research based presentations.


This was my first attempt at building a SaaS product. I found the idea from my co-founder, Shitij Arora (MD), who is a practicing physician and professor. We hired a UX designer and ran a few user interviews to understand the problem and validate the pain points. We then built a landing page and promoted it on #MedTwitter. We collected tens of emails of interested users. We decided to go all in and build the product. While I was working on the initial development, we started hiring contractors to help with the development so we could go to market faster.

Tech Stack

The marketing site is built using Gatsby and hosted on Netlify.

For the web app:


We are currently in the beta phase of this project. We have a few users using the product and we are working on improving the product based on their feedback. We are also working on marketing and distribution.


See the product in action on YouTube.